Happy in sync married Couple Klaine

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QuestionTroye Answer

Don’t wait by mapei

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QuestionDan Howell Answer

Getcha head in the game.


shoutout to me for still not having my driver’s license

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QuestionGrace Helbig. (of course I would say that) Answer

Just the way you are by Bruno Mars. Although I’m not sure why.

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QuestionJoey Graceffa Answer

Collar full. Just because he did a cover of it and that’s all I think of when I think of him

QuestionPhil Lester! :) Answer

Toxic (for obvious reasons)
Sorry I took so long, I was showering

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Know what would be fun? A Hollywood Game Night with the glee cast, but in character.






someone help i just ate an entire watermelon and i just cut open a second one

update: i’m out of watermelon

make watermelon clothes

how does one not reblog this

  1. Camera: Photo Booth